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It is very difficult with no-code to have a global view of the changes made to the application. It is also difficult to know if the release does not contain errors from old unfinished developments. Versioning feature enables you to make comparisons before putting into production, save the history to ensure you have a stable and documented application.


It is currently almost impossible to detect errors in real time on no-code applications. Unfortunately, your own users are often the ones reporting errors, you must then correct and bring emergency responses. Increase the reliability of your app by receiving real-time report of all critical errors that occur on your application so that you can correct them, even before users are impacted.


The security of your no-code application is played out at two levels. The 1st one managed by the editors of the no-code tools you are using, which is in general pretty good. But the second level relies solely on the way you use each tool and how they interconnect together : you have to understand and adopt good security practices. 70% of the apps we scan have massive data leak exposures, which can impact your credibility, your reputation but can also lead to significant financial impacts.

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We've made NC:NH an integral part of our QA process.

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A huge step forward in the Bubble ecosystem

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It is for sure a very high potential plugin for Bubble users as it has never been seen before.

Victor Nihoul - CTO at Ottho

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